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Vacation in the city on the edge – bought online!

The popular Oulu experiences are full of local creativity and Northern nature – and best bought straight from our online store so you won’t be left out! You also get inspiration and tips on what to do while in Oulu. Because you know, we aren’t just a city of polar bears and penguins. You might be surprised!

Cross country ski rental

Guided bike tour from Nallikari to Oulu city center


Guided transportation from Oulu airport to Oulu


Guided transportation from Oulu city center to Hailuoto


Guided winter swimming


Ice fishing in Nallikari


Kicksled rental

Minivan trip to Hailuoto


Minivan trip to Koiteli rapids


Oulu quickly walking tour


Sightseeing of Oulu on Mountain Bikes


Sliding snowshoe safari at Pilpasuo